Making Health as Simple as a Dot

Dot HMO, a subsidiary of the DOT Group, is an AI-led Health insurance company fully geared towards directly impacting the lives of our customers through simplified, top-tier digital solutions.

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Driven to Revolutionize Healthcare.

We understand the average challenges that comes with accessing great healthcare, and how difficult it is for most to understand how insurance can making that access easier.

To help with this, we have created these offerings:

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Global Coverage
  • Access 1000+ Hospitals locally and outside Nigeria, locatable by GPS
  • Connect to the best Consultants and General Practications across the globe.
Roaming across Hospitals
  • Walk into any of the hospitals within our network
  • Hospital prebooking service and appointment scheduling
  • View Hospital History
  • Concierge services.
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Easy Access to Care
  • Automated approval system on all care approval protocols.
  • Digital HMO Cards
  • Fully automated Call Center Service
  • 24-Hr Omni Channel Customer Support
  • Digital (online and USSD-enabled) registration for all enrollees.
  • Several Consultants available for Teleconsultation
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Pharmacy Benefit
  • Large pharmacy network to deliver drugs within your neighbourhood for quality drugs.
  • Chronic Disease Management Program
  • Drug Refills
Health Tracker
  • Health Screening
  • Health-on-track programs synced with annual medicals to improve your wellness programs
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